What is the Cost of SEO

There is no one fits all package for SEO.  Websites come in all sizes, they cover many different areas which can be very competitive or less so.  Building links for an insurance company will cost more than links for a Bed & Breakfast as webmasters know the value of outbound links. The cost of SEO can vary and is highly dependent on the niche that you are targeting.

Small Business Monthly SEO Plans

Most websites that I work on fall into this category.  The usual monthly SEO costs are two days in the first month and one day a month for about 6 months.

In the first month, there are normally on site issues that need to be fixed after that link building is the normal on-going monthly cost.  You can expect between 5 and 10 good links every month – I do not use low-level directories, most links are in relevant content.

You will have a report in the first month that highlights and fixes all the on-site issues.  The monthly report thereafter will list my activity, and the main KPI’s.  This way you can easily compare on a month to month basis how your site is improving in the search engines, primarily Google.

Local SEO is a fixed cost for three months.

Web Site Audits

The entry price for a website audit is €750. More information can be found on the SEO website audit page.

Link Building Only

I will need to know exactly what you are looking for and your niche.  This area can vary greatly.

Hourly SEO Consultancy

If you have a problem you need to have answered I can take calls based on €175 per hour.  This must start at the agreed time and be paid for in advance for new clients.  If you need help with something like WordPress or htaccess, anything that is computer related it is better if you register for Skype or Log Me In and send me an invite, this way I can access your computer remotely and talk you through what I do on screen.

Some Basic Requirements

It is helpful to have your current statistics – Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, (now called search consul), keywords you have targeted in the past, who your top 5 main competitors are online and offline, and what markets you are targeting geographically.

If your website is on a new domain it will be unlikely that I can get you competing for good key phrases, though I can build some information that will help your website in the next 3 to 12 months.

The costs of SEO in the first few months usually are more than the income generated.  It will take a few months for your SEO to start to show a return.